5 sins that long episode Korean dramas commit

Black hate surrounded by colorful gases

When a great k-drama touches you, you know where it hits you. But when it’s bad, well, you don’t know what happened. See what are the signs that a long kdrama might be taking a nosedive.

The Boogie man approach to earning money

Every body at one points hears of building an easy business on the net. But there is one thing that they overlook when struggling.

The 80% productivity lie

Folding fingers signaling a lie

You go to book stores and are swamped with self help advice on how to boost your productivity. They all sound nice but they don’t cover this one myth.

The underlying cause for the new NFL P.A.T. rule

Rules change. Football standards adapt. But somehow this new Point after touchdown change doesn’t seem right. Even Aaron Rodgers is against it.

Obesity gene causes wait (And then weight)

Hands holding onto DNA genes

It’s here. The gene to fight the fat nears but what does that mean and what can you do to speed up the weight losing victory?

The Last Time You Didn’t Get What You Want

Drawing of a figure on a road with obstacles along the path including a rock, a road sign, and burning trees

You set what you want from life but then you fail to accomplish it. Did you know there’s a secret way to discover if you’ll succeed or not?

Four changes that will make you watch MLS Soccer

Soccer Fan cheering for their team in MLS cup in 2006

Major League Soccer, & soccer in general sucks to most in the US but why is that? Could it be the Americans? No, there are certain things the league itself isn’t doing. See why.

Is doing favors and helping everyone dangerous?

eyes of helping out

Does the following sound familiar?

- "I am always helping others and but can't get anything in return."
- "I'm being overwhelmed w/ friends who only call when asking for something"
- "How do I get rid of a person who always wants help from me?"

There is a simple answer to all these if you think about it.