What does the Raiders press conference say of new GM Reggie McKenzie?

New Oakland Raiders GM Reggie Mckenzie

The Oakland Raiders swiped the Packers’ director of football operations & usher Mckenzie to a press conference as the new general manager. What can Raiders fan expect from first impression on their future?

Why You Need To Consider Drew Brees Along Aaron Rodgers For MVP 2011

Who do you choose for the NFL MVP 2011 title? Aaron Rodgers or Drew Brees

The news media and football fans alike are throwing in their votes for the NFL MVP 2011 award & all the candidates you hear are Rodgers + Tebow. Shouldn’t Drew Brees be a serious consideration?

When to fire new head coaches

Dolphin's ex-coach Anthony Sparano

Your favorite NFL team’s head coach comes in and hands you a losing record for the season. People are yelling to fire his butt. Others are saying to give him one more chance. What signs should you look for to evaluate football coaches?

Celebrities giving away free food doesn’t freakin’ help the poor

Head shot of a real live turkey

Every Thanksgiving holiday, Hollywood & music celebrities pop out in soup kitchens, giving away free turkeys to help relieve the poverty stricken. Deep inside you feel it’s all a show but left wondering if it’s just you.

The death of a platform: Is Adobe’s Flash really dead?

The letter f for adobe's flash player on the sand

Adobe announced earlier they will stop working on new updates to their mobile Flash player. Is this the death of Flash? If so, how did this happen & what effects will this have on you?

The New Old TV Shows in 2011

A drawn sprayed TV

Do you feel the programs you’re watching on your televsion appear to repeat. You may not be alone in this passing thought

Why college football sucks (and isn’t a real sport)

Wildcat Willie mascot runs on the field. Photo taken by The US Army

You turn on your TV & while channel surfing, notice college teams playing. While you may watch the BCS or your local university teams, I’ll simply change the channel because it’s pointless.

Learning to walk like a New Yorker

the walk of a child by -JosephB-

You may be planning to travel and/or take a tour of NYC and if so, you’ll need to keep in mind how to walk effectively in order to minimize any misunderstandings.

What it means to be a proven winner In the NFL

NY Jets Football Field Photography by Steven Villaverde

Every NFL season, there are winning football teams that come out of nowhere and people start the claim of a new dynasty. Surely, if a team is indeed great, there is a way to better judge

Why helping others with a favor is dangerous & how to avoid it?

How far would you go to help somone you know

You know when all at once, your friends, strangers, & others ask, “Can you please do me a favor?” You’ve naturally said yes to all but only to regret later the stress & extra workload. Well, in here, I have a flexible guideline that has helped achieve a better balance.