Who are you guys?

A new site built from scratch by a few to help provide insights. We’re like 4 people tops.

What we do

We’re here spit out thoughts running in our head. Many of these you will not agree with. Heck, we don’t agree with them ourselves.

We write if only to take the ideas from our heads and out in the open in the hopes it will grow & refine itself over time to the point its indistinguishable from its origin.

If the ideas are indeed bad. They will die a miserable death in the form of silence.

All we expect our writers is to think crazy ideas to make people go “hmmm”. Yes, that’s the only requirements. No censoring.

You must also realize we tend to have varying times to update site so usually it’s best to subscribe to the rss feed.

The writers

Yes, the majority of us are Jets fan here. ^^ Although it won’t be all about gang green. There’s also a soccer fan. So, you can expect lots of sports news.

But enough about ourselves. Help us out by tweeting, liking our posts, and all that jazz because although we aren’t huge, we do wanna grow.

And btw, let us know what you think of our articles via twitter @internothing. We also spit out links to anything remotely interesting. Not all from here :p