Four changes that will make you watch MLS Soccer

Soccer Fan cheering for their team in MLS cup in 2006

Major League Soccer, & soccer in general sucks to most in the US but why is that? Could it be the Americans? No, there are certain things the league itself isn’t doing. See why.

The Free SEO Tool You Haven’t Thought Of Downloading Yet

Opera browser shown as an search engine optimization software to download

If you are starting out in SEO, you’ll hear lots of techniques to keep in mind. You know software can help but you don’t what’s good. Here is one program many overlook which is useful for beginners.

Celebrities giving away free food doesn’t freakin’ help the poor

Head shot of a real live turkey

Every Thanksgiving holiday, Hollywood & music celebrities pop out in soup kitchens, giving away free turkeys to help relieve the poverty stricken. Deep inside you feel it’s all a show but left wondering if it’s just you.

The death of a platform: Is Adobe’s Flash really dead?

The letter f for adobe's flash player on the sand

Adobe announced earlier they will stop working on new updates to their mobile Flash player. Is this the death of Flash? If so, how did this happen & what effects will this have on you?

The New Old TV Shows in 2011

A drawn sprayed TV

Do you feel the programs you’re watching on your televsion appear to repeat. You may not be alone in this passing thought

Why college football sucks (and isn’t a real sport)

Wildcat Willie mascot runs on the field. Photo taken by The US Army

You turn on your TV & while channel surfing, notice college teams playing. While you may watch the BCS or your local university teams, I’ll simply change the channel because it’s pointless.

Learning to walk like a New Yorker

the walk of a child by -JosephB-

You may be planning to travel and/or take a tour of NYC and if so, you’ll need to keep in mind how to walk effectively in order to minimize any misunderstandings.