5 sins that long episode Korean dramas commit

Black hate surrounded by colorful gases

20 episodes.

50 episodes.

100 episodes.

Are you tired of how long these Korean dramas are?

How long it takes for the story to develop? That there are too many characters to follow and to know whose storyline is connected to the others?

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Sometimes you get 5 episodes into the drama before you realize that the plot doesn’t make sense whatsoever like MBC’s Iron Lady Cha . Or the lead actors have no chemistry and don’t interest you. I’m looking at you, I Remember You drama!

If we look into the SBS drama, The Time That I Loved You, you quickly pickup the issue where the supporting actors are thrown into the main plot and their storylines made much bigger than what they are, which is annoying and unnecessary.

The slow flow and genre can bore you like all the political shenanigans that happen in Assembly from KBS. Because the plot is stretched to cover these 20 or more episodes, there is a lot of filler and unneeded items to make up for the space.

Sometimes characters come out of nowhere and are suddenly injected into the drama like Moon Soo-in’s husband in the Legendary Witch on MBC. Somehow he came back from the dead with 10 episodes left and tried to reclaim her even though she was already in love and engaged with Woo-seok. Then just like that his health failed him and he died.

He didn’t even put a dent into the plot and was a nonfactor since Soo-in disregarded him and still married Woo-seok. All this did was extend the drama and delay you from seeing the last episode.

A common problem with these long drawn out dramas is that you are forced to watch 5 or more episodes before you can decide whether it’s worth watching or not.

By the time you see that it’s not good, it’s too late and you’ve wasted your time.

If the screenwriters wrote better plots, the actors acted with more chemistry and the directors gave a better flow to the scenes, we wouldn’t have these problems.

Because of their faults, we fall victim to these traps.

I became bored with the lagging episodes and disturbing fluff.

I suggest either the dramas are made shorter or that the overall quality is improved so that they become watchable. At the rate that this is going, more people are bound to be turned away as time passes by.

I happened to be one of them. What has been your worst experience watching long Korean dramas?

Credit: Marcela Escandell

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