Girl’s Day: A different & unexpected side in Okinawa, Japan

Girl's Day in One Fine Day tv show

Girl’s Day.

Enough said.

I understand. Can’t get enough of them, right?

Want to see more of the top girl group of Korea? Me, too!

That’s why I was intrigued by their new variety show “One Fine Day”, which follows them as they vacation in Okinawa, Japan.

You probably know all the members by now after their hit songs Female President, Something and Darling.

  • The blonde leader Sojin, known for her sexiness.
  • Redheaded Yura, rapper and who has the “best body”.
  • The vocal Mina with her smiling eyes.
  • And who can forget the brown haired maknae Hyeri who is full of aegyo (cuteness).

We’ve all seen them perform onstage but I was curious to see how they were when they had free time so I decided to watch the first episode from the Korean channel MBCevery1. (Yes, from the comfort of my tv)

Pissing one of the girls one day

Right from the get go, you see Girl’s Day as they go up the stairs to the second floor of their home, with Sojin leading the way and Hyeri being the last one.

As the four of them are coming up, Mina, who is behind Yura, starts spanking Yura’s butt with both of her hands. Sojin and Hyeri don’t notice this and Yura ignores Mina as she keeps patting her all the way to the top.

But when Sojin introduces herself to the camera and it is now Yura’s turn to greet the viewers, she can’t take it anymore and loses her patience, turning her body around to throw Mina a punch in the face, catching Mina offguard. Yura stops herself and they both hug each other and laugh it off. That was so funny!

I liked how playful Mina was with her sister member and how pissed Yura got. Who knew that they fooled around like this!

A day in the life of Girl’s Day

Later the four of them start planning for the trip and begin packing their clothes.

One camera showed Sojin as the next thing she had to pack was her underwear and she started blushing as she put it away.


I immediately got a nosebleed at this sight and I fell over backwards.

She looked so innocent and naive, making my head spin.

They leave for the airport and board the plane, where soon after Hyeri and Mina bumped their heads into each other from the turbulence, which was amusing. The four of them receive neck florals upon their arrival, buy ice cream at a store and go to their hotel.

The next day, they decide to go to the beach but find that they don’t have enough money to go together in a taxi so they play rock, papers, scissors to see whoever loses is the person that will have to go by bus.

When Hyeri loses the game, she throws a temper tantrum and flops to the ground.

How cute!

She looked so adorable and spoiled like a kid who doesn’t get their way.

I actually felt sorry for her as she had to travel by bus all alone for 40 minutes while the other three members got to the beach by taxi in 15 minutes.

The episode ends with Hyeri finally arriving there and the other three coming out to greet her, which brought a smile to my face.

I enjoyed watching Girl’s Day in “One Fine Day”, seeing how the four members interacted with each other when they were by themselves. I got to see a different side to them,

  • from Mina’s playfulness
  • to Hyeri’s aegyo
  • to Yura’s no nonsense attitude
  • to Sojin’s cool and calm self.

I thought it showed a glimpse into how close they were to each other and how they had fun with themselves.

Usually you only see them dancing and singing onstage but I found them very entertaining and carefree when they were not being singers.

I saw enough in this first episode to make me see more of them in this series and hopefully, you will too. If you are a fan of Girl’s Day and would like to know more about them, I suggest you see this program. You will enjoy yourself and have a grand time.

Did you pick up anything new from watching them?

I don't know. Sometimes it feels like my writing & thoughts are way off. Who knows if it'll help anyone or if it means anything.

Written by Ben

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