The adulterous K-drama you’ll fall in love with but haven’t watched

Poster for My Wife Natree's First Love Korean drama

Are you looking for a quick drama?

One that is both good and fulfilling?

Then look no further because you are in luck. I recently saw the KBS drama special “My Wife Natree’s First Love”.

This one act episode was about a 20 year old girl from Vietnam and her Korean middle aged husband, Myungchul. She was very cute and acting all out of place in a Korean village, calling her husband “hubby” and always being tentative around him.

He wanted to get more physically involved with her late at night but she kept pushing him away.

You will laugh at a funny scene when Natree’s mother-in-law suggested that she put on a sheer red nightgown in order to seduce her son. Later that night, she tried it on in front of a mirror in their bedroom where Myungchul saw her and got turned on.

He reached out for her but she kicked him away because she was still innocent at heart.

Natree gets a fever one day so her mother-in-law sends her to the local clinic alone because Myunchal is busy working and can’t take her. When she arrives there, she is immediately struck by the young, handsome doctor Eunwoo who attends her.

She can’t take her eyes off him and starts fantasizing about him, imagining wearing the same red negligee for him and smiles at the thought of both of them being together.

When Natree later eavesdrops on Eunwoo on the phone saying that he would like a red muffler, she starts stitching him one.

She starts to make herself pretty by getting perms and new clothes for herself, which Myunchal notices at home but doesn’t give much heed to.

During the week, she meets Eunwoo in the street leading to him inviting her to eat lunch together. Myunchal’s friend passes by and catches them eating and entertaining themselves, wherein he struggles whether he should tell Myunchal that his wife is with another man.

The young doctor receives the finished muffler by mail and thinks that it came from an elderly patient of his. When Natree has to go for her checkup, Myunchal goes with her since he has free time and upon arriving there, he sees the red muffler being worn by Eunwoo and recognizes that it’s the same one that she has been knitting all these late nights.

As she’s looking at the doctor, Myunchal gets suspicious along with the fact that his friend later in the afternoon also tells him that he saw them together.

Soon after Eunwoo hears about rumors spreading in the village about him and Natree being an adulterous couple, which irritates him since he doesn’t like that his reputation is getting ruined just because a Vietnamese woman adores him.

Once again, she eavesdrops as he says this and I felt sorry for her as her feelings got crushed.

Natree goes to Eunwoo’s home late at night and tells him that she wants to follow him to the city to start her life over. She starts crying and stuttering in Vietnamese that she doesn’t love her husband and only cares for the doctor.

At this point Eunwoo goes toward her and …

Well, if you got immersed into this story like me, you should see the rest of this episode. I became attached and drawn to Natree as she tried to find her true love.

Her innocence and purity were the highlights and it made me root for her to look for her happiness.

If you’re tired of long 100+ episodes like Run, Jangmi or boring and stiff plots like Assembly, “My Wife Natree’s First Love” is just for you.

It’s short, sweet and to the point.

Hopefully, you enjoy this masterpiece as much as I did. I would give it a rating of 10 out of 10.

It’s that good.

Take a look.

Once you watch the k-drama special, let me know what were your first thoughts. What pulled you in and kept you glued?

I don't know. Sometimes it feels like my writing & thoughts are way off. Who knows if it'll help anyone or if it means anything.

Written by Ben

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    HMMM…. Quite Interesting..

  2. Jeanie says:

    HMMM…. Quite Interesting..

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