The Boogie man approach to earning money

Sometimes it’s hard.

By hard I mean, having to jump over multiple barricades, then rolling out of the way from the crumbling columns and finally having to figure out which door is the exit…

… in one try. Less you die.

The kind of hard that takes everything out of you just to barely make it. And when the dust finally settles, you ask yourself that uncommon question:

How the f*v(#|< did I do that?

Even you can’t understand how you accomplished such a feat. It’s the talk of legends everybody wants to hear about.

The sad truth is you don’t often bump up against these kind of struggles.

No, more often than not, what we struggle through isn’t that hard at all. Rather, we make it harder than it really is.

Take me for example. As I am writing this, I’m at a point where I am financially down and I needed to bring in money, like last year. Right now…

I need a full time job.

I need a seasonal gig.

I need some work.

I need anything to get the money ball rolling.

So I accepted that maybe I have to look the way of a fast food joint or those low-wage jobs. (what you can really call a “job”) At this stage, worrying about embarrassment is a luxury and no longer an option, you know?

Well, the thing is this was my first time applying for these kind of jobs.

How do I go about it?

Do they require a resume?

A cover letter?

Something else?

The questions and mysteries piled on and wrecked havoc in my head until I talked myself out from trying.

No, I can’t do this. I don’t even know where to begin with these McDonald-like jobs. This is more complicated than applying for corporate gig!

followed by

I can’t figure this out. No one is willing to help me. It’s better I do something else. Yeah, it’s not like I will get it anyway.

Days passed.

Yet, one morning, I decided to screw it all and just head down. I felt so tired of having the guilt inside of myself.

So, I got up, walked many blocks (because your homey can’t spare the bus fare) and stood in front of an Aunt Anne’s pretzel store.

I didn’t want to stand out like a freak so I stood on line pretending to be a customer until it was my turn. I then timidly inquired about the help wanted sign and that’s when it happened.

You know… what I least EXPECTED.

The worker handed me a piece of paper and told me to fill that out.




No drama.

No jumping around like a clown and bending backwards to be given even a chance to apply.

Everything was business as usual.

Simply write your personal stuff on the job application and hand it in when you’re done.

And then afterwards, you know you have to confront yourself, even if briefly.

You wasted days agonizing over a decision when you could’ve just pulled the trigger?

You wasted all this time and energy to create a big boogie man?

Yes, that’s how it goes down. Don’t lie to yourself. You create a big boogie man that doesn’t exist and struggle fighting him.

Like with every new thing you try out, the hard part is putting a bullet in between the eyes of the boogie man. Or, better yet, kill the boogie man before it shows its ugly face.

Only then can you focus on making your first move to making money.

Once you have killed the boogie man, take a look over here on a way to earn some “Benjamins”.

Credit: Sean-Franc Strang

I don't know. Sometimes it feels like my writing & thoughts are way off. Who knows if it'll help anyone or if it means anything.

Written by Ben

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