Why you should expect much from Hyuna’s comebacks




Your eyes follows her wherever she goes.

  • How she is dressed captivates you.
  • Her voice is music to your ears.
  • The way she moves her body and hooks you in.

Your heart thumps as she moves in closer to you.

Your body is sweating bullets.

Your hands start trembling as you reach out for her and …


There’s only one woman who can make you like this and it’s the one, the only Hyuna! She’s back! She brings her total package with a new song “Because I’m The Best” this August.

Everybody knows who she is. As the face of the Korean girl group 4minute, she has done many solo hits.

Her debut single “Change” had a quick and catchy beat and she dressed in gangster style with green khaki pants and a black blouse. The way she moved her pelvis back and forth as she sang the lyrics “Oh, Oh, Oh” was deemed inappropriate and given a 19+ rating by the government.

Her next one “Bubblepop” was a fit song for the summer. Her white top and short shorts gave her a cool and refreshing look. The beat gave you a sense of energy and when Hyuna said the lyrics ‘”Bubble”, ‘”Bubble”, ‘”Bubblepop”, you got uplifted as she swayed her butt back and forth.

In “Troublemaker”, the concept was more classy as she moved her hands across her dance partner’s body and rubbed her body slowly against his at certain points of the choreography. The whistling beat in the background gave a nice rhythm and made you want to snap your fingers as the song progressed.

She donned on denim in a hip hop style for “Icecream”. As she says “Ill melt you down like “icecream”, you get taken aback as she flirts with you. You just stay there motionless as she slowly squats down to the floor as she sings “Cream”, “Cream”, “Cream”.

Her most recent single “Red Hyuna” had a quicker tempo as she rapped more. A highlight of her performance is when she moves her body around 360 degrees quickly to the words “Red Hyuna” in her tight shorts and sheer top. You fall for her when she says “Don’t leave me” as she lays on the floor and spreads her legs open. Her black hair fits her perfectly as the sultry, mature woman.

As Korea’s sexy icon, Hyuna has it all. Beauty. Sensual movements. Alluring voice. She knows how to mesh together all her talents and skills into her songs and performances. The way she catches all of your feelings leaves you numb and urging for more. You just can’t resist her. Hit single afer hit single.

With all of these in mind, you can’t be blamed for anticipating her next solo and waiting for her comeback. Now all you can do is just pull yourself together and control that animal inside of you.

Credit: the.angrycamel

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