You got to admit it. You can’t go online without hearing or watching something coming from Korea: dramas, music, culture, etc.

Well, it finally got to me. We won’t fight it. We submit to our new overlords. But we ARE NOT going down by ourselves. We intend to bring you down into this blackhole with us. We’ll get you with the K-dramas followed by the K-POP. Oh, we’ll get you. You just watch.

“The Time I Loved You”: What Subtly Broke the Drama Remake? Poster for The Time We Were Not In Love kdrama

By now you’ve heard that there’s a remake of the Taiwanese drama “In time with you”. Some fans are crying foul though but how could that be? Let me show you what others won’t on the “The time we were not in love” Korean drama.

Girl’s Day: A different & unexpected side in Okinawa, Japan Girl's Day in One Fine Day tv show

You see GSD on stage, on variety shows and every Korean media but how are they really like together? Well, find out.

The adulterous K-drama you’ll fall in love with but haven’t watched Poster for My Wife Natree's First Love Korean drama

You’ve seen the top dramas but you’re still not satisfied. You want more but you don’t want to invest time. Well, here’s one right up our alley you haven’t heard of.

Why the rising ratings of the Yongpal drama isn’t all hype Youngpal drama poster

What if you are a doctor yet still had money issues? What if you were forced to do stuff you normally wouldn’t contemplate? Well, then, you must check this out.

Why you should expect much from Hyuna’s comebacks

One after another, 4Minute’s Hyuna returns with a new comeback. But why are fans around the world waiting for it? Uncover the pattern yourself.

5 sins that long episode Korean dramas commit Black hate surrounded by colorful gases

When a great k-drama touches you, you know where it hits you. But when it’s bad, well, you don’t know what happened. See what are the signs that a long kdrama might be taking a nosedive.

When the teaser of the Wonder Girls doesn’t put up

The girls are back. Weekly idol is on. It’s a recipe for huge anticipation except it was botched. This is how you don’t properly promote a girl band