Plaxico Burress: Why “Plexiglass” is a player for keeps

Plaxico Burress catches a pass and runs with it

Derrick Mason’s unproductive numbers with the New York Jets led the team to trade him to the Houston Texans. Plaxico Burress is also having unproductive numbers so far in the season but his impact on the field is still present; even though it may not be fully visible. Burress’ contribution to the team was never meant to be star high yardage receiver. His purpose was to improve the receiving core of the Jets from last season. And he has done just that.

Plaxico Burress’ return

Individual statistics aside, Burress is great at drawing defenders away from the other Jets receivers and when appropriate using his skills to overmatch his defender. If the Jets didn’t have Burress opposing teams would automatically double team Santonio Holmes. When Burress is on the field Holmes becomes more likely to be open. Whether or not Burress is a legitimate threat (which he hasn’t been up to this point) is irrelevant. Teams are still respecting the potential damage he can cause and are providing extra coverage in his direction. His height is still a threat defenses are cautious against.

And don’t forget that although Burress’ total receiving yards has been dismal he has provided good run blocking for the Jets. Burress uses his height to stuff cornerbacks and create an open lane for Shonn Green whenever the Jets run on his side of the field. If anything, he has shown some effort and contribution to the offense.

Yes, it would be better if the Jet’s offense could find more plays for Burress or if he did not drop the few balls thrown at him. But given that his presence is still a contributing factor in creating plays Burress is still a weapon Mark Sanchez needs. Burress needs to progress over the weeks and be conditionally ready by December. That’s when Burress will be truly expected to break out and be on par with Sanchez. These first few games can be deemed as Burress and Sanchez getting acquainted. Let us not judge Burress until we see Burress in the end of the season.

Photo credits: AP Photo/Kathy Willens

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