Fierce Enemkpali punch knocks Geno but not the Jets?

The punch.

Have you heard about it?

Well, let’s just say Geno Smith won’t be starting as quarterback for the NY Jets… not at least until 6-10 weeks pass by.

Yeah, it’s all about the jaw. The broken jaw.

Did he trip and fall? No, something about IK Enemkali punching the quarterback in the locker room over $600. Yikes! That’s like cheap change for football players. I wouldn’t want to know what Enemkali would do if I stole $2,000 from him.

Right now the Geno Smith fans are crying.

“This is the end for the Jets 2015 season! Our only quarter back is down. If he can’t do it, no one can.”

I am like, “Relax, guys. Put on your man pants.”

First, of all. What happened? I thought Mr. Geno was supposed to be tough. If he can’t take a punch… well, how’s he going to deal with the incoming rush?

I kid, of course.

I know. I know. It’s a loss.

Some fans are saying this upcoming season was going to be the litmus test. That we would’ve had a chance to see what he truly was all about because he never had real weapons on his side. Some claim Geno had a chance to have a good season with stud weapons like

  • Brandon Marshall,
  • Eric Decker,
  • Kerley and
  • Zac Stacey.

I don’t disagree. He had a chance but Geno Smith is out. Out cold. Facts are facts.

That at least saves us from a quarterback controversy for the first few weeks.

But, frankly, I am not panicking. The Jets will be fine and dandy.

Think about it.

It’s not a big loss for the Jets because the backup QB Ryan Fitzpatrick is just as good. This isn’t Fizpatrick’s first rodeo, you know. Is he the next Payton Manning? No, that’s just crazy talk. Like Geno, he’s ok. But there is one thing going for him and that’s we can count on Ryan not turning over the football as much as Geno Smith.

Now, I don’t want to put the guy down even more but I think Geno’s career with the NY Jets is over. Caput. Nada. You see, by the time he retuns in about 3 months, he’ll be rusty and out of football shape.

All Ryan Fitzpatrick has to do is play average (and I mean decently passable. We know what he is so expectations aren’t high) and the NYJ should be a contending team with an average offense and a top 10 defense that has the likes of

  • Revis,
  • Cromartie,
  • Wilkerson and
  • Leonard Williams

And that’s without Sheldon Richardson who isn’t poised to come back till like November.

The defense is going to be great. I can’t wait. I pity the offensive line who has to face our defense.

Anyway, while the Jets are out playing in the coming weeks, Geno Smith will have to nurse his physical injury.

But that’s the easy part.

What he will have to struggle with, even after he is 100% back, is his broken pride because you know the jokes are getting prepared.

Next time you see him, the names are gonna come rushing in like Geno “Deflate Face” Smith or the “Jaw Dropper. You can also throw in “Jaw and Disorder”.

UPDATE: the drama continues as the Buffalo Bills claim IK Enemkali off waivers.

The Bills and Rex Ryan took a pity flyer on IK and claimed him just for publicity. Ik has no talent and will be cut by them after the preseason. Instead of picking him up, they should be getting a better QB than Matt Cassel or EJ Manuel in free agency. Once again, Rex brings in his former players and wants media attention. IK will be of no help whatsoever to the Bills.

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