The Jets Fail the Beauty Contest

Jets vs steelers

Three games into the season is when you can truly gauge how well your team is. Before this point it is all based on offseason speculation and first game anomalies. By the third week you can have an ample grasp of a team and the Jets have shown to be above average. That’s not all great news.

The Jets have shown to be the equivalent of a woman who has undergone several plastic surgeries on her body to improve her good looks. When comparing to the average woman she appears more attractive but next to a naturally attractive woman she doesn’t stand a chance. What’s worse is that the illusion of her beauty is only apparent if she poses a certain way and if not asked to do anything too physical (for fear that the breast implant may rupture, for example).

That’s all to say that the Jets can compete and dominate over other average teams like the Bills and Dolphins but when matched up against the upper epsilon teams like the Steelers and Patriots the lopsided mismatch becomes apparent. The Jets’ personnel, talent and execution are not on their level.

The only chance the Jets have of winning out in these beauty contest (continuing with the metaphor) is if everything falls the Jets way whereby they’re not asked to do much. No turnovers, the opposing star player gets injured or has a terrible game, etc. The problem is that the Jets cannot hold a perfect pose. When their star cornerback Darrelle Revis gets injured, now out for the season, that’s when their secondary gets exposed as mediocre. Simply put, Kyle Wilson is no Revis and Kyle’s replacement in the nickel package is much worse.

On the offensive side, the Jets are without their primary tight end Dustin Keller. Couple this with the underperformance of rookie wideout Stephen Hill and the Jets are left with just one reliable target in Santonio Holmes. As was evident in the Dolphin’s game, once Holmes became the only target the opposing defense merely set their main coverage on him.

Further, the Jets have shown that they do not execute correctly. Many receivers do not run their routes properly and passes are miss thrown. Shall we forget the Mark Sanchez throw to Tim Tebow that hit his head without Tebow ever being aware the ball was intended for him? All this leads to the interceptions thrown by the quarterback in every game. This will only worsen as the Jets’ fumbles occur throughout the season.

With the Jets’ players underperforming the ability to compete with the playoff contending teams become more of a challenge as they need all the current players to play without error. But how likely is it that there won’t be any more turnovers or injury? The only consolation the Jets have is that they are talented enough to win out their games against the average teams and based on their schedule that may be sufficient to qualify for the playoffs. By then, they may have improved their strategy and execution; and be pretty after all.

Photo credit: NY Jets

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Written by Nassau Jones

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