The last excuse for Rex Ryan

Jets head coach rex talking to ny media

Ultimately there has to be a scapegoat for when things turn out sour. Whereas Rex Ryan has avoided most of the blame since he took over as the head coach for the Jets, this season all the blame rests on him and him alone.

Who made us expect more of the Jets franchise?

As a first year coach Rex might have been excused for having a losing season but he instead started his rookie year with playoff appearance; one game shy of the Superbowl. The following year he didn’t do himself any favors by again repeating his success. Rex set a high level of success for himself that anything less would be intolerable by Jets fans.

Rex’s success in his first two years gained him enough credibility for fans to not question whether he should’ve returned this year after a losing season last year. Yet another losing season this season will hardly be tolerated and will most likely signal the end of his tenure with the Jets.

The head coach that can evade bullets

Throughout the past seasons the Jets have had many issues but somehow the blame never solely rested on Rex. If the offense was lackluster the former offensive coordinator was blamed for it. If the defense struggled it was attributed to the injuries to key players like safety Jim Leonhard and defensive lineman Kris Jenkins. However now that Brian Schottenheimer has left and Rex has brought in his replacement coordinator and defensive players the only one left to blame is Rex.

The nose bleed that could be stopped

Schottenheimer was often scrutinized whenever the offense underperformed. Even though the new coordinator Tony Sparano may be the reason behind the inefficiencies on offense this season, Rex will shoulder the blame since Rex selected Sparano.

Rex further acquired Yeremiah Bell and LaRon Landry this offseason whom are known for to have health issues.

Lastly, Rex gambled in the draft by selecting Coples in the first round, a talent that many questioned whether he is a legitimate NFL defensive player. If any of these players turns out to be a bust that’s even more blame Rex will receive.

And of course there was that Tim Tebow trade which Rex Ryan’s Jets made. Again Sparano may be the culprit who pushed for the Tebow trade and for not productively orchestrating a Tebow offense but it is under Rex that this trade happened.

This truly will be Rex Ryan’s most critical season. If the team fails to make the playoffs there will be no one to blame but the head coach. Now in his fourth year, Rex has fully implemented his choice of coaching staff, players and system into the Jets and he will be bear both the blame and credit for the Jets’ success or failure.

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