When the teaser of the Wonder Girls doesn’t put up




These are the feelings that build up whenever you see a preview. Your palate is supposed to be wet. Unfortunately, this did not happen with a certain show preview.

The Korean show you have to watch if you aren’t

“Which one?” you may ask.

I’m talking about the preview for the upcoming Weekly Idol episode.

In case you haven’t seen this program, it’s a Korean variety show on the channel MBC every1 hosted by the comedian Jeong Hyeong Don (nicknamed Doni) and his partner, the rapper, Defconn. (or simply Koni) Every week they bring in as guests different Korean boy and girl group bands/singers, often referred to as idols. Hence, the name of the show: Weekly Idol.

Once there, the hosts have them introduce themselves, answer interview questions and showcase their talents. In other words, it’s meant for fans to get to know their favorite idols better.

When the true personalities of idols shine

One segment of Weekly Idol I enjoy is called Random Play Dance. When Korean idols come to the show, they usually have a new song out they want to promote. To get to know the song better, Doni and Koni have them dance the new song’s choreography.

But to spice it up, they also randomly play their other past songs at different points and all group members then have to match the specific dance choreography to the playing music. It’s meant to surprise them and see how well they remember their own dance moves.

If the idols succeed on their first try, they win the grand prize which is either some expensive Korean food or a materialistic prize such as a TV.

If they fail though, they get another chance but now the reward is bumped down to a lower level. Usually, the idols get 3 opportunities to succeed.

What makes the segment fun is the moment a song shuffles and the group members bump into each other as they try to find their place. Or they try to improvise some new dance moves and blend in with the group. Or even worse, a member completely forgets his dance moves and stands there as his/her teammates move around them.

Either way, Doni and Koni catch their mistakes and force them to start all over. Many hilarious incidents have happened in this segment.

When a preview lets you down

“So what’s the problem?”, you say.

My complaint is that the upcoming Weekly Idol preview with the Wonder Girls indicates it’s going to suck terribly.

Most previews show a variety of highlights from idols being interviewed, Random Play Dance action and other antics performed during the shoot.

Yet, this Wonder Girls preview only had clips from the Random Play Dance segment. Look, the program is one hour long and if this is all that can be extracted, then either this is what the whole show will be about or the other segments must be so insignificant and underwhelming that they can’t be showcased.

“That’s it? This is what I’m looking forward to?”

These are the questions that came to mind when I saw this lame preview. How can I look forward to something so bland.

I blame the people behind production for this. They should have done a better job showing more content in the sneak peek. They should show all that they can offer and make the viewer want to watch their show. I felt empty and disappointed after seeing this.

When wonder girls teases and doesn’t put up

It’s not just the show I felt down on.

Another complaint I have is the girl group themselves. In this Weekly Idol preview, the Wonder Girls didn’t appeal to me. During their introductions, they had the look of a bunch of hags.

  • The blonde hair doesn’t suit Sunmi along with the short hair. Her beige shirt doesn’t match her denim shorts.
  • Hyerim doesn’t look pretty with all that makeup on her face. Plus the black blouse doesn’t complement her pink print skirt.
  • Yubin looks like her face got too much plastic surgery going on. And her long, light blue skirt doesn’t go well with her lace shirt.
  • Finally, Yeeun looks old and it seems like her face is falling apart. And I disapprove of her black and white stripe dress being split in two in the middle. She would have looked elegant if the dress were whole and complete.

With the way they were dressed, I don’t know what concept they were going for.

This was not the way to get my attention, between them looking ugly and not dressing properly. Their looks and clothes didn’t make them look feminine.

This Weekly Idol preview doesn’t look promising. The guests Wonder Girls look like shades of themselves and don’t catch your eye. The sneak peek doesn’t have much to offer so that it makes you want to watch it less.

Either way, this episode looks to be boring and doesn’t catch my interest.

What a downer!

Just take a look:

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