Why Sanchize can be perfect in 2011

For over a decade, the New York Jets have never really had great depth at the wide receiver position. The Jets had relied on one star receiver to attack opposing defenses. This year’s cast of receivers has the potential for giving Mark Sanchez over 4,000 passing yards and produce high scores in every game. The key word being potential.

The Past Ammunition

The last legitimate receiving group the Jets had was the duo of Keyshawn Johnson and Wayne Chrebet. Ever since, the Jets other notable receivers were Santana Moss and Laveranues Coles. But although both are very talented they both lacked a supporting cast in the passing game and they themselves were not an unstoppable threat. They may have speed, but not height. It has been the incomplete package of height, speed, and depth the Jets seem to lack with their receiving core. It’s no wonder the Jets passing offense is not the highlight of the team but instead the media focuses on the defense and running game.

Enter the 2011 season…

All changed last year but more apparently this year when the Jets acquired a depth of talent in their passing game. Although some may argue the Jets had a good set of receivers last season, there is no disputing that this season the Jets improved drastically. Signing Plaxico Burress gave the Jets the tall dependable receiver to compliment the speedy versatile Santonio Holmes on the other side of the field. But the Jets have more than a one-two punch with the addition of Derrick Mason who adds a legitimate slot threat for opposing teams. Even still, the Jets even have the tight end Dustin Keller who has proven to be a threatening force since his rookie season. Lastly, LaDainian Tomlinson who, although a running back, can also be a trustworthy fifth wideout option for Mark Sanchez.

What does this depth of receivers mean?

Translation: Never have the Jets had such a cast of offensive passing weapons spanning the wideout, tight end, and running back positions. Together they provide an unprecedented core of experience and talent for Sanchez to target. Opposing defenses have to plan accordingly on how to stop the five threats at Mark’s disposal. It then falls on Sanchez and the offensive coordinator, Brian Schottenheimer, to create and find the open player because realistically there are very few teams who have depth in their defense to be able to cover all five Jet receivers. Sanchez is in tune to put up many passing yards if he can identify the mismatches and capitalize on them.

Dustin Keller had a huge game in week two against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Plaxico Burress had zero receptions. But that’s okay because in the following weeks when defenses will plan against Keller, Burress will be the best target. If not, then one of the other three options. That’s the beauty of having depth and talent. Someone is bound to have a big game. Lets see which team can be the first to shut all of them down.

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