Why You Need To Consider Drew Brees Along Aaron Rodgers For MVP 2011

Who do you choose for the NFL MVP 2011 title? Aaron Rodgers or Drew Brees

While the mainstream media has focused in on the Green Bay Packers’ Aaron Rodgers and Denver Bronco’s Tim Tebow as the key quarterbacks, Drew Brees has proven that he is on par with them as a viable most valuable player. Rodgers enamored fans with his statistics; Tebow enamored fans with his off-the-field humanitarianism. But Brees has both statistics and charity work to be as relevant as they are.

The MVP Statistics You Put Up

Aaron Rodgers impressed many by taking the Packers to a near perfect season at 15-1 for the regular season. But Drew Brees also led his team, the New Orleans Saints, to a likewise impressive record of 13-3. And while Rodgers has the league’s highest passer rating for the 2011 season at 122.5, Brees is ranked not too far behind as second in the NFL at 110.6.

Both Rodgers and Brees scored the most passing touchdowns for the season at 45 and 46; respectively. Yet it was Drew Brews who broke Dan Marino’s record for the most passing yards in a single season with 5,476 yards. This accomplishment cannot solely say the Brees is better than Rodgers but it definitely gives Brees validity of his MVP worth.

The MVP Image You Seek

Many Tebow fans cite his clean image as their reason for supporting Tebow. That in a league of “convicts and criminals” it is a rarity to find such a good role model.

What such fans fail to notice is that the league is full of such ideal athletes. Drew Brees for one has never faced any social or criminal controversy.

In fact, he has volunteered towards many great causes and events throughout his career. Most notably, Brees has contributed to the New Orleans recovery stemming from Hurricane Katrina through his Brees Dream Foundation. His Super Bowl XLIV championship in 2009 did not create any tangible improvements but it did help the city psychologically pick up at a time when New Orleans was still recovering.

People wholeheartedly support Tebow for his good deeds and Rodgers for his statistics. Yet, Brees is as charitable as Tebow and statistically stunning as Rodgers. And to his credit, Brees, unlike Tebow, has had a better winning record and significantly better statistics.

Further, Brees has played a full season unlike Aaron Rodgers who only started 15 games. This is not a bash on Rodgers. Just stating that there is no reason why Brees should be overlooked as a qualifying MVP for this season when he is as ever relevant as the two most notable and beloved quarterbacks of the 2011 season. Or so I think.

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