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Although, our main focus will be on NFL and football game news. Once the World Cup begins, we are sure to cover it.

We still haven’t decided about our soccer coverage… we are a small team.

Geno Smith: a QB, a football & stupid decisions

With all the controversy up and about of the New York Jets quarterback, you’d think it’d be done. But no, Geno has me upset again.

The underlying cause for the new NFL P.A.T. rule

Rules change. Football standards adapt. But somehow this new Point after touchdown change doesn’t seem right. Even Aaron Rodgers is against it.

Fierce Enemkpali punch knocks Geno but not the Jets?

The word on the Jets street is the Geno Smith injury will knock out the wind from the Jets 2015 football season. But does that hold water? Why wouldn’t it?

Looks Matter. Jets Don’t Have It.

Why do the Jets suck… right now? Why aren’t they winning? Many think it’s a coach problem but what if it’s something easily overlooked.

Don’t hate Mark Sanchez just yet Closeup of Jets QB Sanchez

The chants and blaming is piling on. “Sanchez sucks”, “He can’t throw”, “Let’s replace him”. You’re hearing all this and your first instinct is to nod but I say hold on a minute.

The Jets Fail the Beauty Contest Jets vs steelers

You’ll learn the state of the Jets with Darrelle Revis out. How good the team is and why that isn’t such good news.

The last excuse for Rex Ryan Jets head coach rex talking to ny media

The Jets failed to make the 2011 playoffs but Rex Ryan is still here. If the head coach flops once more, will he be more accountable?

Four changes that will make you watch MLS Soccer Soccer Fan cheering for their team in MLS cup in 2006

Major League Soccer, & soccer in general sucks to most in the US but why is that? Could it be the Americans? No, there are certain things the league itself isn’t doing. See why.

Darrelle Revis & the hidden Jets players that may push him out Darelle Revis in 2012 pro bowl uniform

Revis is a great player for Gang green and has a lofty price to show for it. However, strangely, his value to the team may be set to fall rapidly. Learn what forces are at play that is setting Quinton Coples, Muhammad Wilkerson, Demario Davis against Revis Island.

What does the Raiders press conference say of new GM Reggie McKenzie? New Oakland Raiders GM Reggie Mckenzie

The Oakland Raiders swiped the Packers’ director of football operations & usher Mckenzie to a press conference as the new general manager. What can Raiders fan expect from first impression on their future?