Have you tried to follow a lot of techie news sites to see what’s going on but gotten lost. Yeah, me too. Too much nerdy talk. No worries, we’re just local guys trying to explain technology news and stuff so we can all understand. You’ll prob see lots of apple, Microsoft & mobile things here. We’re only 2 people working on this section but it’ll be good reading we hope.

The Free SEO Tool You Haven’t Thought Of Downloading Yet Opera browser shown as an search engine optimization software to download

If you are starting out in SEO, you’ll hear lots of techniques to keep in mind. You know software can help but you don’t what’s good. Here is one program many overlook which is useful for beginners.

The death of a platform: Is Adobe’s Flash really dead? The letter f for adobe's flash player on the sand

Adobe announced earlier they will stop working on new updates to their mobile Flash player. Is this the death of Flash? If so, how did this happen & what effects will this have on you?